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VR Concept at the INSPASE Forum

3 March, 2017

VR Concept presented abilities of virtual prototyping for aerospace area at the INSPASE Forum.

VR Concept works with Cloud Points

16 Feb, 2017

VR Concept developed the mode which allows to load quickly results of 3D scanning and combine 3D-model with cloud points in virtual reality environment. This is useful not only for tracking and modernization construction works, but in reverse engineering, where the object is, and no drawings.

ARBYTE started selling VR Concept

30 January, 2017

ARBYTE started to deliver virtual reality systems for solving industrial challenges with VR Concept, virtual prototyping software. Using such systems reduces the development time of complicated products by 15-30% and the costs, minimizes the risks of defects and improves the efficiency of collective work on the layout of the product specialists in different areas of separate units, avoiding travel and transportation models tested.

VR Concept at the AR Conference

30 Nov, 2016

VR Concept presented abilities for solving industrial challenges at the third international AR Conference.

Virtual prototyping helps reduce the costs of creating true-scale mock-ups by replacing them with virtual, increase the efficiency of team work on the project, regardless of where team members are located.

VR Concept invites to Open Innovations Forum

26-28 Oct, 2016

Join us on Open Innovations 2016 and try VR Concept on a HTC Vive.

In the VR Concept showroom try LIVE demonstrations of virtual prototyping applications directly displayed in a HMD.

You can bring your own data, we will display your 3D model in real time.

Find us in the VR-zone (1st floor, not far from the Accreditation center)

VR Concept Collaboration was shown at Dassault Systems 3D Experience Forum Russia

14 Oct, 2016

VR Concept was at Dassault Systems 3D Experience Forum Russia 2016 to show hardware and software immersive collaborative solutions to boost your business. The VR Concept Collaboration enables real time collaboration between co-workers in different locations, on any VR device (CAVE, head-mounted display, video display walls). Teamwork becomes easier within the corporate structure, especially between departments based in different locations worldwide.

VR Concept shown collaboration between Head-Mounted Display HTC Vive and CADWall.

VR Concept presented abilities for industies at the MIXAR

24 Sep, 2016

The second annual Russian exhibition-conference on augmented and virtual reality MIXAR, organized by the Russian industry VAMR community (Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality), was held on 24th September.

The event includes an exhibition area where the VR-movies festival took place and b2c-segment companies presented their solutions in the field of augmented and virtual reality.

B2b-сompanies made presentations and discussed at the three areas of lecture.

Denis Zaharkin, CTO and co-founder of VR Concept made a report in the «Science» section about the state of the Russian VR market and needs of companies in the domestic solution for virtual prototyping, whichVR Concept develops .

VR Concept was at the International Conference on Computer Graphics and Vision GraphiCon 2016

21 Sep, 2016

VR Concept team shown abilities of virtual prototyping for high visualization and performed presentation «Visualization engineering calculations in virtual reality» which demonstrated the features and tools offered on the virtual reality VR Concept example in the «Scientific Visualization» section. The report was also presented in the poster section.

VR Concept join to Startup Village in Skolkovo

02 Jun, 2016

Russian startup VR Concept will demonstrate own soft at the exhibition AR/VR Zone at the Startup Village. This event is going for 2 days since 2 June to 3 June.


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