Symbiosis of VR and Investments
29 April 2021
VR Concept is a unique Russian development in the field, offering a new approach to working in virtual reality using CAD, BIM, 3D models, creating a VR project in just 2 minutes.

GETVISION is an international investment boutique specializing in private equity and venture capital transactions in the global markets. The company attracts high-tech projects at the seed stages, round A and A +. GETVISION offers a fresh perspective on business development, validation of business models and the results of investment strategies and tactics to achieve their partner goals.

VR Concept and GETVISION tested the latest version of VR Concept software in the showroom of the Skolkovo Technopark. Also, representatives of companies promoting the strategy of promoting the VR concept in the Russian and international markets.

VR Concept offers universal PC software that allows you to organize remote teamwork in VR with any 3D model, in virtual reality helmets and with additional options for different areas: simulator capabilities for the oil and gas industry, interactive capabilities for education and mechanical engineering, maximum realistic graphics for construction companies.

Earlier, a cooperation agreement was signed between VR Concept and GETVISION, according to which GETVISION acts as a financial advisor to VR Concept. According to the document, the parties cooperate in the areas of attracting investments, financial analytics, development of IT solutions and marketing.