9 April 2020
The VR Concept team continues to work and delight you with updated feature set!

  It is very important for us in such a difficult period of time to maintain the high quality of the product and regularly improve it!

In the new version of VR Concept - Iron Man, we focuse on improving of the stability and productivity of the VR Concept application. In the new version you will find:
— Updating the kernel architecture, which has led to increased stability and performance
— Support for updated TAU tracker gloves
— Ability to display models of hands or instruments from a library instead of a controllers, the user can supplement this library himself
— Each user (client) can set his own individual settings and save them for the next VR-sessions
— A complete transition to reading CAD formats using the C3D kernel (JT, C3D, X_B, X_T, STEP, IGES) created by C3D Labs, which gave a significant increase in the speed of opening files in STEP format 4 times faster

In the next versions, the following functionality is planned:
— Support for .rvt format (Autodesk Revit)
— Construction of height / width measurements perpendicular to the surface
— Restriction of the passage of objects through certain surfaces
— Support of mannequin for 10 and 12 trackers (HTC VIVE or professional system such as ART)